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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Laura Apron

Yes, I know it's not Monday. Shut Up. I was busy.

Here's an apron that's pretty, but alas not very serviceable.

My torso.

 This is a lovely mass-produced apron

The label. "Neat 'n Tidy". Isn't it darling?
made from a printed cotton Swiss. It's thin and delicate, and in need of some repair.

What makes it not a part of my "for use" rotation, however, is simply the fit. I'm not sure if vintage bib aprons are supposed to tie around the ribcage instead of the waist, but that's as far as this one reaches. As you can see in the first photo, despite my attempts to wear it in the former position, it quickly started to pull itself toward the latter. Very unflattering, and not particularly comfortable. Also, look at how narrow that bib is. I still have plenty of exposed acreage on which to splash marinara, etc. Either this was made for a freakishly shorter person, or one who was not quite so...endowed. I have a number of vintage bib-style aprons (many of which you'll see in coming weeks, as I'm nearing the end of my service collection) with this problem. Big boobies and small bibs are not a good combo.

It is a pretty garment, however. The lettuce-edged ruffles on the edges and pockets are extremely feminine, and I adore the print.

Quickie substitute for ironing, ftw!

pssst! Extra bonus points and bragging rights to anyone who can figure out why this apron is named Laura. ;)


  1. Just how many aprons do you have in your collection?
    Not that I mind, I love seeing them all.
    I have 1. Yep 1. Very stained.

  2. LOL, well let's see...we're up to 16 shared here now. One of the posts had three aprons, but then two posts were children's aprons so I'm not sure they count as "mine". At any rate, at some point it just became what I collect. My usual working rotation is pretty much a half-dozen or so, though. ;)