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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who can? I can!

I've been a neglectful blog host lately. Long radio silences can typically be blamed on one of two phenomena:

  • No content
  • No time

Right now, it's the latter. We're in the full swing of summer, which means that I am busy and that there are usually more people at home (teens out of school, Dad on staycation or working from home) with whom to battle for computer time. Plus, it's August...or as it's known around here, Hell Month. For starters, we have five family birthdays (including both mine and my husband's) and two anniversaries (our own and his parents). Then there's the mad scramble to do all of those things we wanted to/meant to do during the summer, before the school year starts again. That's a lot of family fun to cram in, and we usually end up longing for a day at home just to catch up on the default maintenance. And sleep.

But mostly? It's canning season.

Italian Beans and Blue Lake Beans.
Several years ago, my in-laws' greeting on their answering machine indicated that they could not answer the phone because they were canning tomatoes; and that they would return calls once the garden was bare.

...and after
That scenario isn't as hyperbolic as one might think. Preserving food from the garden is a time-sensitive process. I can't tell you how much food I've had go bad in the fridge because I was too busy to can. (Alas! The beets!) Right now I'm in the full swing of things, so I might not be around much. I'm logging on, in fact, between picking and cutting the day's beans. If you do think of me, know that I'm probably in the kitchen with three burners blazing, on a 90 degree day. With no air conditioning.
But in the dark of the coming winter, I'll be doing a little happy dance as I open yet another jar of home-grown goodness.

Or "neighborhood"-grown. We harvested pears from the vacant property two doors down from us.

The staged photo. We actually filled several random buckets. ;)
Our next-door neighbor knows the owner (who is living in a nursing home facility) and has assured us that our use of the fruits is A-O-K. Sweet!

I will be hoarding these.

It's SO worth it.

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