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Monday, September 20, 2010

Apron Monday: Irony Optional

Hm. I almost subtitled this post "without irony", to echo Craftster's tagline: No tea cozies without irony, but then I got my mind all tangled trying to determine what that literally means as opposed to what it sarcastically (and ironically) means and then...oh, forget it. This IS ironic, but in ways other than the maker most likely intended.

This apron was a gift from a friend and neighbor. I like its full coverage, and the kitschy quality of both the saying and, yes, the font. It screams early 80s. And "Women's Lib".

And that's where the irony starts to enter. My feelings are so conflicted that I hate to even use the "F" word. No, not that one. If it has four letters and rhymes with duck, I use it like a sailor. Ahem. No. I mean that -ism word. It's too fraught with emotion that seems to make people all attack-y, regardless of their stance. My own views are, as with most important life issues, constantly evolving. The best I can offer at this point is to say--at the risk of sounding like an Empowered Stripper--that while I do not believe that my life options should be limited to Kinder, Kuche, etc...I also think that this role, and my choice to fulfill it, is valuable.


So in that respect, I don't share the sentiment expressed on my torso, above. I don't see my college degree as being "wasted" simply because I'm in the kitchen, or home with my children instead of spending the bulk of my time with other adults with higher education backgrounds. (yawn)

On the other hand, I'm also an unschooling parent, who has many criticisms of the mass-production educational system. So I'm battling the question over whether I'd "do" my college years again. Do I think that college prepared me for life? Not really. Did I learn some neat stuff and have good experiences? Sure. Do I think that college prepared me for my career? Eh, somewhat...but not to the extent that I'd call it worth the tuition (which I am STILL paying off and probably will continue to well beyond my 40th birthday). So in a way, I'd be expressing that sentiment whether I was standing in my kitchen, or sitting in a cubicle.

So I mean it. And I don't mean it. And isn't that ironic?

Incidentally, is it just me or does the French braid make me look like Mrs. Goodkind?

Mmmmm. Mannish.

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