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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Craft begets Craft begets Play

Or...the process of a typical day. ;)

I recently knit a pair of baby booties ("Baby Janes" from Wandering Cat Studio. Super easy and fast!) for a friend to give to her little God-daughter as a gift. I wanted them to look extra-nice (and to properly communicate the care instructions), so despite my lack of an Etsy storefront, I decided to go semi-pro and make a custom hang tag for them. I have some plain oak tag (OMG does that date me? Does anyone say "oak tag" anymore?) tags, but those looked a little too utilitarian. I'm not much of an artist, so how would I come up with something pretty?

Oh yeah! Repurposing!

I got out my handy-dandy cheapo paper cutter

(No hating or snobby scoffing, my scrapbooking friends.
That's not my craft, so this little jobby suits my needs just fine...)
and a hole punch, and turned a lovely birthday card into several even lovelier custom tags.

Naturally, the kids saw me using craft equipment and needed to get in on the act.

The cutter includes blades which make "stamp" edge shapes, perforations, etc. Before you could say "All Aboard", we had a nice collection of train tickets.

Which, naturally, led to the transformation of the living room couch into a passenger train. (We went to the Arctic Circle to see polar bears. Just in case you wondered.)

Oh, and incidentally, the finished booties looked like this. You may oooh and ahhhh now. ;)

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