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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Nutcracker

Sigh. I love Christmas. And I love Tchaikovsky's music. But do you know what I love more?

Handmade gifts from loved ones. Like this holiday apron that my mother made for me a few years ago.

I also love small children poking me with sticks
while I try to strike a flattering pose in my not-flattering yoga pants.
It's no-frills; a simple butcher apron with a wide, deep pocket (love!) and a bias tape edging. Easy peasy. Probably a last-minute gift. But she made it just for me, not only for my infatuation with aprons but also so I'd have something festive to wear when I play hostess at our annual Christmas morning brunch.

"Look Mommy! It's a Y!"
also: detail of kitschy holiday characters. ;)
This apron is full of memories of Eggs Benedict and family togetherness. Actually, it is probably also full of stains from the former. But that just makes me love it more.

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