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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A thousand words

It’s been a busy week, and so much of it has been worthy of gorgeous photo documentation. Which, naturally, means that I was sans camera for most of it. Try to imagine the following scenes, if you will. These descriptions will have to stand in for the pictures that were apparently not meant to be.

A family: Mom, Dad, two small children, digging potatoes in the garden. Dad turns over the loose, dark dirt with a shovel and the children scramble for the buried treasure. Some of the spuds are freakishly big; others are tiny and adorable. The children are filthy and happy. Later, witness the home-grown potatoes in a creamy chicken stew, along with Italian beans and stewed tomatoes from the same patch of earth.

Same family: at a casual lunch at the Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh. Stained glass, aged wood, vaulted ceilings. Giant steel vats standing where an altar once did. Wood fired, brick oven baked pizza, butter-drenched pierogies, dark and fruity beer. Dad helps the younger child solve the word-search on his placemat as Mom and the older child discuss religious art and whether it’s time to enjoy the chocolate Mom stashed in her purse earlier.

Black raspberry pie, warm from the oven. Steam vents cut in the shape of a heart.

A small boy in intense concentration over arrangements of building toys. He patiently explains the creations to his mother: carnival swing ride, CD player, animal hospital, pizza oven. His brother joins in and the two of them transform the living room into two neighboring kingdoms, populated by plastic animals. They each boast heavy armament but are apparently allies. They team up to defeat an enemy from the sea.

A trip to a yarn shop. A wall of Cascade 220 arranged in a rainbow spectrum. Ladies of various ages relaxing on comfy couches, working and chatting. Steaming mugs of tea on a gray and rainy day. Two children laughing as they watch the yarn transformed from a loose hank to a tight ball. They play-fight over who gets to crank the winder and who gets to keep the swift from spinning too fast.

A box of Halloween costumes, emptied of contents. The living room covered ankle-deep in wigs, hats, robes, accessories. The children fight over the horse costume, and gallop around, teasing the dog. Later, the youngest accompanies his parents on a shopping trip in full Sonic the Hedgehog regalia, much to the delight of a friendly clerk.

I’m not even halfway to those fabled “thousand words” that these images should inspire, but the memories have already filled my heart and mind. <3

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