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Monday, October 18, 2010

Apron Monday: Pretty, Ratty

Those are two qualities, not one.

See? Pretty!

But oops, ratty.

Alas, the drawer in which I keep most of my aprons is overstuffed, and this one had the misfortune to get wedged between a moving part and a stationary part, and when I opened the drawer...RIIIIIIIIP!

I was pretty bummed.

However, there is hope. The rip is straight, clean, and along a grainline. Also, the print of the fabric is "busy" enough that the mending shouldn't be all that visible. If you look closely, the pattern right by the rip looks almost like a blanket stitch, so I could even try to hand-repair it in that way for better blending. I will rescue this one!

But right now I'm in the throes of Holiday Crafting, so it will have to wait.

What I like about this apron: Although the extreme gathering makes it effectively a dirndl (read: hideously unflattering on curvy figures), I am still somewhat charmed by the girly appeal of it. And yes, the cross-stitch pattern is part of the print rather than being genuine stitches,

which seems like kind of a copout, but I love it anyway. Finally, check out the suspended pocket.
Something tells me that there is a specific term for this style,
but I'm pretty tired right now and can't recall it.
If you know, please refresh my memory. 
Not only does it allow for a functional flat pocket on an extremely gathered garment (it hangs, as you can see, from the waistband), but the detailing with the tiny rickrack is retro-kitschy and wonderful.

I'm nearly to the end of my apron collection, egads! Only a few more and then...well, then I guess I'll have to start making them. I actually do have three cut out and waiting in the project bin, but I'll refer back to Holiday Crafting with the understanding that "someday" has no defined value. ;)

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