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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Which We Enjoy Nature

That's a bit of an unfair post title, really, seeing as how our default state seems to be outdoors. But something about fall makes me want to drag the kids into the woods constantly. Some recent lovely photos of autumn adventuring:

Squirrel drama. We're not sure if they were playing, fighting, or flirting,
but these two chased each other for a long time. Big entertainment.
Releasing milkweed "Santa Clauses" with PapPap at Laurel Caverns.
We went inside the cave, too. ;)
Viewing the rapids/falls at Ohiopyle

C making an Inukshuk. Okay, he was just stacking rocks, but I like to project.
And now he likes to say the word Inukshuk.

Like mother, like son.
Don't mess with Wolverine.

A genuine candid smile. See above; this kid loves to pull faces when he sees a camera pointed toward him.
It's all in how you spin it. Yardwork = not fun. Making a leaf pile = fun.
Air guitar with rake = more fun.
Burying dog in the leaves = *most* fun!

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