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Monday, November 8, 2010

Beloved Unusable

Today's apron is just wonderful. It has a number of appealing features.

Let's start with the overall cut. It's my favorite basic style: fitted bib and skirt with a little fullness. And it has (not apparent from the photo, alas) crisscross straps. This is a fantastic invention for those of us (ahem) who have sloped shoulders. Halter necks are functional, too...but a crisscross strap allows for wider strap placement (more flattering on larger busts, again ahem) without compromising fit/comfort.

It also incorporates some interesting design elements. The skirt itself is cut on the bias, with the ruffle cut on the grain. It breaks the rules, and it doesn't even care. Now it's an apron with attitude!

There's also the requisite patch pocket that echoes the cut and yet is completely useless because of size and/or shape. Ah well, I'm getting used to that. I like me a functional pocket, but it seems that in the world of aprons, look trumps function most of the time.

And finally, the bias binding is used on both sides; as decorative trim on the front, but also to enclose seams on the reverse.

Fine respect to the seamstress. (Oh, and this is definitely a handmade item, so it gets major points there as well.)

So what's wrong?

Well, it's freakishly small. And I don't just mean that I can't fit my ample self into it. I mean that it fits my seven year old almost perfectly. But he refused to pose for a picture. ;) This is another apron that I keep for appreciative nostalgia and potential future inspiration...but it's yet another one that doesn't see actual use.

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