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Monday, November 22, 2010

Clemson Cocktail Hour?

I don't have anything against clashing colors per se. In fact, I love bright neon green paired with dark purple--the logo colors of my once-employer MediaSite, now absorbed by another company (alas). But orange and purple? Really?

And yet, it kinda works. The fact that the shades are muted pastels keeps the garish factor down to manageable proportions.

I haven't really had much call to wear this. The fabric makes it impractical for cooking use; it's definitely a hostess item. What I do love though, is yet again construction. The seams were pressed with a professional attention, and the hand-stitching is tiny and even and so perfect it makes me want to cry in frustration at the thought of my own clumsy skills in that area.

And look at this immaculate enclosed seam.

This thing is practically coture, the construction is done so well!

1 comment:

  1. Those seams are pretty damn impressive. But I have to wonder if the very accomplished seamstress was color blind. ;-)