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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I swear this was not staged

I knit. You've picked up on that by now, I trust. Last week I returned from Natural Stitches with several hanks of yarn. After petting them and gazing at them lovingly for a while, I got out the yarn swift and ball winder and got to work turning those loose hanks into portable "cakes".

It's big fun, and the kids sometimes join in. (And I'm eternally grateful to my neighbor for her open-ended loaner of those two pieces of equipment. They are indispensable!)

A few days later, C was working on one of his projects, and asked for some yarn. I gave him a leftover skein of acrylic and went about my chores. Periodically, he would find me and deliver a small and loosely-wound hank of yarn. It was cute, but I didn't really think too much about it. Until he asked me to come and see his invention in action.

I swear to you, I did not help with this. At all. My four year old made it, completely on his own.


Yup. A yarn swift and ball winder.

I'm so geeked. And touched. And awestruck.