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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week in Review, Crafting Edition

Many of you have asked why I flaked out on the apron post last week. And by "many", I mean "absolutely no one", but I thought it was a good opener. See? I'm so crafty I make stuff up!


Anyway. Last week was a whirlwind of activity, between preparations for Halloween and for--oh yeah, did I forget to mention?--T's seventh birthday.

Woohoo! Celebrating with C, best bud cousin, and the birthday boy.
Naturally, there was birthday cake.

It's not one of my better decorating jobs, but it was made with love and under a tight "whoops, I'm out of time" crunch. And it tasted good. ;)
T's piece. He asked me to photograph this.
Something tells me he would easily adapt to blogging. LOL
Also on the birthday front, there was decor. First, let me admit that I have no idea what to call this. The trendy tutorial-publishing, craft-blogging moms seem to be pretty evenly split on whether it is a bunting or a garland. Frankly, I always thought that buntings were the flags gathered into a fan shape (as might be seen adorning a caboose from which a politician gives a photo-opportunity speech) and that garland was the sparkly boa that you wrap around the Christmas tree. So what do I know? Obviously not the finer points of "flair". (Insert your own memories of "Office Space" here, as I failed to locate the appropriate video clip on YouTube. Sigh.)

Anyway. I made this fabric pennant-hangy-thing like you see at used car lots. Only way prettier and more durable. Instant party happiness.

Unfortunately, it *totally* clashes with my dining room. Alas. But then again, so did the red crepe paper streamers and the rainbow assortment of balloons, so I'm not going to lose too much sleep over it. 
OMG the colors! So bright! So obnoxious! LOVE.
And no, I have no idea what fabric that is. People who spend a lot on designer fabrics and then remember, and announce, the designer and print name...well, they are not me. I bought this cut of fabric years ago. I don't remember where. I'm sure it was discounted. The fact that I found it visually appealing was enough. Snobbery? Humbug!!

Honorable mention on the birthday front: I started these socks...
Yes, THESE socks.
...with the intention of giving them to T as a birthday gift, but I didn't finish them in time. In fact, I just completed them this morning. I do know that the yarn is Premier Yarns' Serenity/Deborah Norville sock yarn, but that's mostly because I still have the ball band for washing instructions. The colorway is Picasso Marble.

They're hideous. I'm not a huge fan of self-striping yarns, as your project still needs to be just the perfect circumference for it to stripe and not produce this half-pooled, zigzag mess. But I took a chance, and the colors will match most of his wardrobe, which is growing less "little boy" and more "big boy" every day. Lots of dark, somber colors. Sob.

Anyway, T likes knee socks but only has one pair, and black dress socks at that. It's actually damn near impossible to find knee socks for little boys, at least in my limited searching, so I rolled up my sleeves and made him some. I'm sure they will look much better *on*...hand-knit socks with ribbed cuffs always look a little freakish in pictures, but they do stretch out nicely on the wearer's leg. I've tucked these away to be given at Christmas. I hope he likes them.

Within a few days, birthday segued into Halloween. T enjoyed his first sleepover, with the favorite cousin pictured earlier. We carved Jack-o-Lanterns

and then I brought out the Super Happy Fun Craft: black T-shirts and glowing fabric paint (Tulip brand).

My intention was to have the kids make handprint spiders, but while they enjoyed making the practice spiders (tempera paint on paper), they asked me if they could just paint on the T-shirts instead.

Why not!? We dumped out some paint and grabbed some brushes.
Shut up about that laundry in the background. At least it's clean. :p
Here's what they came up with:
I added the caption, per C's request.The ghost is in jail, by the way.

The kids had a GREAT time doing this project. Unfortunately, the paint seemed to soak in to the fabric (and lose its "glow" power), no matter how thickly they painted it on. I finally "fixed" things after bedtime with a good squeeze of thick outlines using the applicator on the bottle. I should have let them scribble that way from the get-go. Oh well, live and learn. And then tell everyone on your blog, so they can do it better.

There was a family party at my sister-in-law's for Halloween, and that called for another cake.

No, those are not boobs. Or sunflowers! I meant to say they are not sunflowers...
(And yes, I was lazy and left them in the pans,
because they were easier to transport that way.)
This clever little concoction is a Wilton design called "How Candy Corn is Born". It required the purchase of a specialty pan, which I raced out to do the same day my friend L sent me the link. Yes, I get that easily excited about some things.

The cake, after cutting:

Lovely! And it got enough raves at the cute visual to totally justify the purchase and cooking/decorating effort.

And finally, the pièce de résistance...this year's Halloween costume. T opted yet again for a store-bought costume (sigh), but then again I was not feeling up to tackling a muscle suit (Iron Man), and he was much happier than he would have been if I'd tried. C, however, wanted to be a kangaroo.

Considering that I couldn't find a kangaroo pattern, I think I did pretty well. :) He was in his four-year-old glory, hopping and skipping, and using the pouch to hold treats. Definite win.


  1. PS: I also at some point sewed two trick-or-treat bags, but I failed to photograph them and therefore forgot to blog them. It's just as well; they're ugly. Repurposed black golf shirts with glowing rickrack. Oooooh.

    Wow, it really *was* a busy week for making stuff!

  2. Awesome!
    And I love the socks! I adore self-striping yarn because it does weird things. Not surprising for me, I guess.
    I get a kick out of self-striping and variegated yarns of all types. I love to see what patterns form as I knit.

    Besides, what better way to say 'bah!' to the uniformity of the mass produced than to have something so clearly, uniquely, individually hand crafted?


  3. I laughed a few times at this post, beginning with your killer opener, which resonates all too well with this fledgling blogger. Then there is the matter of bunting/garland/banner--I just made one, too, and wasn't sure what to call it. Finally, my kids make frequent requests for food pics. My husband and I began our own foodie album before the first babe came along, so they get it honestly.

    Thanks for the morning laughs!