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Monday, December 27, 2010

'Ey! Missus C!

Well, actually this would be Mrs. Claus, not Marion Cunningham. But if there's even a vague opportunity to throw a Fonz reference into my blog, I'm going to take it. That's just how I roll.

Welcome to Apron Monday (only one more to go!), and my latest gift-to-me apron. This custom number was created by my mother. What touched me most was the fact that when she presented it, she described it exactly as I would have in one of these posts. ("Full coverage for an ample bosom...two roomy pockets...feminine skirt...") This shows not only that she knows me (and garment construction) well, but also that she's a loyal reader. I love you, Mom!

This is the perfect holiday hostessing apron. Period. It's kitschy, pretty, and functional: the triple-crown of my criteria for apron love.

Oh. By the way? The first one to make a "Ho" joke at my Christmasy expense gets coal next year. I'm not kidding.

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