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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Love a Parade (a story in pictures)

Here it is. Belated, but as promised...a few (ha!) snapshots from Friday night's Christmas parade, with all of its hometown goodness.
The Courthouse dome. Too bad the statue of George Washington isn't quite visible in this shot. It's really quite a lovely building. We stood opposite the courthouse; a great spot for viewing!
C and my mom, who will likely curse when she sees her photo online.
Look! She's wearing the Love Hat! I'm all about sharing.
Washington High School Marching Band.
No, not my alma mater. Actually our grudge-match rivals.
However, they have continued the tradition of super awesome uniforms,
and frankly this year they were the best band there. By FAR.
Besides, it's hard to really hate an organization that often marches herald trumpets.
Nothing says "small town" like a tractor.
...except maybe horses.
It wouldn't be a parade without fire trucks
Fire truck sirens are LOUD.
I'm not kidding. REALLY LOUD!
A group from one of six...yes schools represented in this parade.
None of which were Joyce Ellis. Local peeps--how long ago did that happen?
Humbug! This picture didn't turn out. This fire truck came all the way from Stoystown, PA...and is worth seeing because they put a decal over the "S" on cab doors. Yup. Toystown. It does not take much to amuse me.
Even punnier. When my mom said, "Here comes Frosty!",
I was expecting a snowman. Silly me.
My children discover that people in parades *throw candy at you*. Awesome!
When the Beef Stockmen truck drove by, my mother yelled, "Throw T-bones!" I love that woman.

It wasn't all sugar, though. A representative from one of the local ministries distributed these. And he was kind enough to hand them to the children instead of making them fight in the street like little pigeons. ;)
I love baseball cars. Golf carts, Beetles, doesn't matter. I find them delightful.
Perhaps my favorite group. Just because. I mean, look!
"Little Washington" has enough enthusiasts to have a Unicycle CLUB? That's outstanding.
This whole pictorial story should be building to some sort of closure-providing climax, but alas, my photos of Santa did not turn out. You'll have to use your imagination. ;)

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  1. Your small town parade looks a lot like ours--plenty of tractors and candy-chuckers. Your mom sounds hilarious!