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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ur doin it wrong.

Okay, it's Apron Monday and that seems to be the only thing that dragged me to blog-land today. I have tons to say, tons to share, but--ahem--the holiday season means I'm too dang busy "making Christmas" to be bothered with that pesky writing about it. Maybe soon.

Anyway, it's time to share an apron and I'm feeling petty. So here is nothing nice to say.

You know those iron-on transfers? The ones with decorative designs, like say--flowers or dancing teakettles or baby teddy bears? They're kitschy and vintage (or vintage-inspired) and I love them. They are also open to the final interpretation of the artist who uses them as a springboard. No two seamstresses will produce the same final product.

But I think that most of them would choose to work in a medium designed for fabric. Embroidery, naturally, is the most commonly used...but I could imagine some might choose fabric paints or fabric pens, or heck, even a BeDazzler just for kicks.

But felt tip markers?

Yes, really.

I try to make myself give the creator the benefit of the doubt. Quite possibly it was a child, and one who adored coloring. But marker? Really?

Oh and by the way, it's a half-apron, mass-produced (and kind of cheaply, by the looks of it), so I suspect it was a kit that came pre-stamped with the transfer design. It's also too small (again the child idea may have merit) and the only use this has gotten to date in my home is as a haircut cape.


  1. Oh, come on now.. you can't fool us. This is one of those Christmas gifts you're making, and you want to see what we think before you hand themm out. ;)

  2. ROFL Well you know what they say about self-deprecating humor being a defense mechanism...

    I see you left your name out of it so I couldn't gift it to YOU! hahahaha!