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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Which the Midwinter Slump is Somewhat Redeemed by a FO

I need to keep reminding myself, on almost a daily basis these days, that I am doing something. Though I feel as though a lot has slipped (housekeeping, socializing, learning, crafting), the truth is that we are making it from one day to the next and I am making progress...even if it's less tangible in finished products than I might like.

It seems natural to fall into kind of a slump this time of year. Especially with crafting, I find that the intense burst of making a lot of things rather quickly in preparation for the holidays leaves me feeling rather burned out once they've passed. I usually tend to knit "mindlessly", at least inasmuch as in I have a pair of needles in my hand if I find the rest of my body idle for any period of time. I knit at social events and at work and in front of the TV. I knit while watching the kids play, and in waiting areas, and any time I get to be a passenger in a car. But post-Christmas? I seem to get easily bored/distracted. I'm just not *feeling* it.

Add to the holiday burnout just the simple fact that the weather is crummy (you can't go out to play in sleet) and the days are short. It's natural to feel tired and uninspired. No wonder this is a terrible time of year for resolutions. Start a running program in spring, when the world reflects the energy you need to embody. Trying to get fired-up for any new venture in the gray, wet, dim? Bleah.

Okay, I'm bumming myself out. The point I was trying to make is that, yeah, I've been pretty *meh* lately. But I seem to be pulling out of it. The kids and I are working hard on this reading hurdle. After a month of largely avoiding it, I'm suddenly making great progress on the current knitting project (baby gift for bestie). A recent windfall resulted in my acquisition of a new sewing first ever that wasn't a hand-me-down in need of some repair...and I'm happily producing things.

There's activity, in other words. Maybe not enough for me to feel validated that I'm not just "wasting" time...but forward momentum nonetheless. The proof? 2011's first Finished Object. May I present to you, T's Nintendo DS case!
Dinosaurs make everything cooler
I used this tutorial from Craftster, with a few modifications. I eliminated the pocket for the extra stylus, opted for a sewn-in wrist strap, and used a magnetic snap for the closure...faster than regular snaps, and strong.

All in all, it was a very easy project with extremely satisfying results. It's a great gift for a wide age range, and either gender. Definite win.

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