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Monday, February 14, 2011

In Which My Pants Do Not Fit

It was surreal, how fast it happened. Literally--I wore a pair of my favorite casual pants on Tuesday evening and they fit fine. Fine, I tell you. No pinching at the button, no pulling at the hips. On Saturday morning, I couldn't get the zipper pulled up. How does this happen, I ask you? HOW?

Oh, well, the fact that I'm nearing the end of my first trimester might have something to do with it. Hello, Uterus!

So if there are any readers out there who haven't already heard (Kelly? You may be the only one, as I think most of my other regulars are also friends IRL and/or on Facebook ;) ), I am Expecting. Quite unexpectedly, as luck would have it, but excited and blessed nonetheless. Wow, is this going to shake things up around here!

The adventure for the weekend was wardrobe expansion. I've been slowly accumulating pieces here and there, but as I've been scouring mostly thrift store and clearance racks, most of what I've bought has been suitable for summer wear--when I'll be most in need of it. However, I do still have a few cold months to get through and the super cute capris are *not* going to cut it. So I went to Target and spent far too much on some not-terrific black pants for work (seriously, I thought Target's maternity line was supposed to be awesome? Maybe if you love T-shirts and yoga pants. Which I do, but sometimes I like to leave the house. Aherm.) and spent the rest of the weekend "refashioning".

I used this tutorial from Grosgrain to modify the Tuesday pants into some low-belly maternity wear. And other than having to get used to the feeling of wearing my pants this exposingly-low, I am very happy with the results.

For Mary--and anyone else keeping score at home, this would represent my belly at 13 weeks. ;)
I was so pleased with the results, in fact, that I also did a pair of jeans.

These, I'm not *as* in love with, but they'll do for the interim. The jeans in question were tight and low-rise to begin with, and as you can see by where the band falls on my back...well, that's not my back. If I ever hope to SIT in these things, I'd better be wearing a really long top. Oh well, not bad for my first try...I sacrificed my least-loved jeans first, for practice. I have another pair awaiting transformation but they have a much higher rise and I'm considering trying for a full belly panel on them. Wish me luck!

And speaking of long tops, I made one of those, too.

I really need to clean a backdrop area in my house; this dim hallway is not cutting it.
Again, I'm *mostly* happy with how this turned out. I love the color, although the photo doesn't do it justice at all (light tan with delicate blue and white flowers). But as you can see, there's a problem area. I cannot understand why professional pattern publishers scale their patterns without adjusting proportion. Guess what, Simplicity/Butterick/McCall's? Bigger girls have bigger boobs! I'm going to try to redraft this pattern with some bust darts, but I'm frankly not sure how that would translate into a surplice/crossover. If anyone knows of any handy tips, I'd sure appreciate hearing them! In the meantime, if I make this pattern (Butterick 4201, View D) again, I will use a stretch knit rather than a woven cotton.


  1. Congratulations and blessings for an easy pregnancy and healthy baby!

    Stop bragging about your ginormous breasteses. Those of us wearing an A cup have no sympathy for your "problem." lol

  2., T, I'm not some naive complainer. I've been every size from an "almost A" (nice little bit of pity consolation from the manufacturer on that sizing, no?) to a very full D. I know how the other half lives, and which state is more hassle. ;)

  3. Mom has ample breasts as well, and she totally agrees with you :)