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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mo' Better Pink

It's baaaaaaaack! The maternity shirt that wouldn't die!
Oh yeah. That one.
I couldn't let it beat me! I'm proud to say that after an afternoon of tweaking, it's much improved. Rather than recut it from scratch, I decided to maximize what I had and just alter the existing garment. This involved slitting the side seams (I had plenty of ease, so instead of picking out the stitches I went full-out lazy and cut the seam allowance right off. That's how I roll, baby!) and removing the sleeves. I left the shoulder seams intact because I'd done some fancy schmancy topstitching to finish/reinforce there. I then re-cut the body panels using as a guide the pattern I'd drafted for a better-fitting top.

This one. Which looks much more flattering with a better-fitting bra.
You'll have to take my word on that; it's too damn hot to model for a fresh picture today.

I also recut the sleeve caps to fit the new armscyes and got to sewing. It improvement.

"Because I know you all love crappy dirty mirror pics as much as I do..."
Unfortunately, the sleeves were still a disaster. With the new reduced ease in the bust, the sleeves hung nicely as long as my arms were down at my sides, but when I tried to move...

Gah. Back to the cutting table. I ripped those suckers back off again. For a few moments I considered re-REdrafting the sleeves. After all, I have plenty more of this fabric. But then I also considered the fact that summer is barely getting started and I am already my own circle of hell as far as the body thermostat goes. Who needs sleeves? I'm pregnant and HOT! Screw the sleeves!

Oh, now this is SO much better. I have ventilation and no uncomfortable restriction of movement in a shirt that is NOT a box. Hooray!

It's not quite perfect. Witness:

Shut up, it's Sunday. I don't have to clean my room.
First, I decided not to adjust the hems because I'd finished them pretty well originally and didn't want to have to fuss with fixing that. So yes, the front is WAY longer than the back. I'm okay with that. I took a deep breath and channeled a little Elizabeth Zimmerman and am calling it a design element. So there.

The other issue, though, is a mite higher. Um, you can totally see side-boob. Okay, side-bra. But I'm going to roll with that, too. Between my bust size (big "girls" don't get skinny little 1- or 2-hook bands) and my overall torso expansion (that band rides really high these days because the belly does too!), it's going to be pretty much unavoidable unless I cut a sleeveless shirt so high in the underarm that it cuts into me. No fun. I have yet to decide whether I'm going to brave wearing this to work with a flesh-colored bra and just pretend I don't care...or save this for more casual outings, where I actually won't care. ;)

So there it is! Rescued from an early grave (another failed maternity shirt was not so was beyond help). I'm feeling pretty good about things at the moment.


  1. I *love* your fixes and your attitude. You crack me up - lol. As for the hems, I'm guessing they will even out soon enough. ;-)

  2. :) Thanks, Debbie. And that's exactly my thinking too...I'm going to need a little extra coverage in the front soon. Okay, a lot. LOL!

  3. and PS to Debbie...thanks for stopping by! I love your blog and have learned so much from following your adventures. Hope you don't mind that I referenced you by stealing one of your lines...I thought that was so funny!

  4. Awesomeness!!!
    I am always in awe of your sewing-prowess (which I don't have.)
    And stubbornness (which I do. ;)


  5. Woot! I wore the shirt to work last night and got compliments. Now that's nice. :)