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Monday, June 20, 2011

Kid crafts

While I busy myself with knitting, sewing, cooking, and other tangible creative endeavors, let's not forget that the children have their own artistic outlets. Here are a few of their more recent projects.

C made a treat for us, all on his own.
The inspiration, from one of our many kids' cookbooks.

We don't buy technicolor, sugar-frosted cereal. Ever. I made an exception for this project.
The kids were so awed that they insisted that I photograph the "leftovers"
so they could remember this rare moment. ;)

More of a science experiment than a craft,
but I threw it in here because T did this on his own.
I was only involved in witnessing the results. Yay upcyling, and yay science!
Coloring on fabric, to make flags for their "clubhouse" (tent in living room)
I'll actually revisit this once my fabric-coloring project is complete...
we all had fun with this one!
A paper box, conceived and executed by T.
Paper-bag Pinatas!
Yes, I ran to the store way too late in the evening to get candy.
What can I say, it was a fun idea!!
Ready to hang...
Camera pooped out for the actual hitting...but yay! Candy!
Apparently it's much more fun to eat after it's been through the pinata. ;)

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