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Monday, November 7, 2011

A Welcome Sight for a Very Hungry Pooh?

Oh my.

Between some crazy weather (early snow!) and my tendency to be a slave to a certain very small person's napping and feeding whims, we don't get as much outdoor play these days as we're used to. It's starting to affect us; we're obviously a bit stir-crazy. T finally escaped to the woods over the weekend with Dad...a "just us two" moment. He came back excited, and demanded that C and I (heh...the pronoun "I", not another name-dodge) come see something that they'd discovered. J was asleep, so with Dad on baby-watch, I put on some shoes and followed T down into the woods, camera in hand.

Not far from our property is what we call "the Bee Tree". It's a huge (but far from record-breaking, as we found when we measured it and compared at white ash; largely hollow, with a constant stream of bees entering and exiting at the largest opening. We've often speculated at the probable size of the nest. Even so, what I saw came as quite a shock.

Seriously, what is that thing hanging from that branch? From a distance it looked like a deflated...something. Too big to be a balloon. Too high to be anything that made sense other than "something that fell from the sky". Then it registered.

The bees had produced so much this season that they outgrew their space and built an addition.

No Georgia O'Keefe comments, m'kay?
This thing is, I kid you not, a good square yard in size. We were...awed.

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