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Monday, March 19, 2012

Image Montage of Recent Events

Okay, so here's the deal. I very rarely get a chance to upload photos, and even more rarely get the chance to blog. In another time, I would have loved to have written beautiful or funny essays about most of these. Instead, you get the short-short version. At the very least, I get to show off my kids a bit. ;)

So, here are a few of the things that have been keeping us busy lately.

At the Pittsburgh Zoo. This gibbon was majorly clowning for the visitors. We watched for a long, long time.

At the zoo's ray-petting pool. This big guy was a major snuggler. He bullied smaller rays out of the way and hogged the love. It was awesome!

T, imitating art. Silly kid.

More of T's statue impersonations. He was in rare form that day.

We love the Mei Tai!! The zoo visit made for a long day for J, but he was a very good sport, and remained cheerful the entire time. When he wasn't sleeping, that is. <3

C with a handful of crocuses for me. I love spring. And I *really* love fistfuls of flowers from my little boys.

T, my naturalist, examining some rabbit remains with the boy next door.

T spent a good 10 days or so filling his journal with chimera creatures. He started with classic combinations but soon moved on to creating his own. Naturally, I neglected to photograph any of them, but there are some real crackups: ducktopus, jellyphant...we had so much fun thinking of new entries!

C made a series of comic strips. Each row is an independent story, but they all seem to involve characters going for walks, and several feature rain. I suspect he had cabin fever that afternoon. ;)

Our ducks! We love them. 
T giving J a personal introduction. Don't worry; the duck escaped unharmed. She actually nuzzled him immediately after this picture was taken. They're remarkably affectionate.

Frame backpack! Springtime is for getting outdoors. :)
I hope to check in soon with more verbal content. If not, well...assume our days are full. Because they are. To bursting!

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