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Monday, April 23, 2012

Apron Monday: Classic Gingham

Now here's a vintage piece for which I know the history!

This classic skirt apron was an early sewing project made by my mother, when she was around 12 or 13 years old. And regardless of my natural bias (heh, I'm like fabric that way, ba-dum ching!), I can without hesitation say that she did a very good job on every aspect. The construction is clean and the hand-stitched accents are neat and precise. Even the reverse has her trademark attention to detail (cough-cough, OCD),
although if I'm not mistaken, her cross-stitch style has changed over the years. Although my mother is a skilled seamstress, her craft of choice is (and has been for 30 years) counted cross-stitch. Since all of the pieces I have that she's done are framed or lined, I cannot confirm...but I could *swear* that her reverse sides now have vertical, rather than horizontal, stitching. Hmmm...

Anyway. Back to the apron. I love this. It's a connection to my mother. It's also in a way a connection to my grandmother, who I am sure had a hand in this. In one of my earliest apron posts, I noted that my first apron was a work-in-progress that I'd rescued when we cleaned out her apartment following her funeral. In my youthful impatience, I never bothered finishing the apron, and eventually lost it. That apron looked much like this...same style, same color (same fabric?)...but the motif was one of tulips and at least one kitschy poodle, if memory serves. Boy, I wish I had that back.

Features of this apron? As you can see, the cross-stitch designs are simple but well executed.

The patch pocket is generous. The waistband has crisp knife-pleats, but the apron itself has soft (unpressed) folds.

And although I neglected to post a picture (because the color was "off"...even more than the pictures I posted. Bad lighting today, I guess.), it's actually rather flattering on me.

The only shortcut I can see is that the ends of the sashes are cut to fall on the selvedge, so they are unfinished. But that's clever and efficient, so who's complaining?


  1. Think that other apron was mine also. Unfinished! Sounds like me! I believe the dogs were Scotty Dogs but you are correct about the tulip. Think the dogs were along the bottom & the tulip on the pocket. Think there was also an orange gingham one that had smocking in a v-shape. Did you get that one?

  2. Oh, you're probably right about the dogs. They were black, I remember that much. Now I feel doubly guilty about losing that apron. But ha ha, neither of us finished it. Like mother, like daughter.

    No, I never saw the smocked apron. It sounds pretty. I don't have much application for smocking. Alas, no little girls around here to make pinafores for. Maybe a grandchild someday. (And won't her mother roll her eyes at something over a century out of style! LOL OH WELL!)