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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Patchwork Apron

This apron deserves better pictures (and a good ironing), but my life is chaos so this is what I'm posting.

Yeah, I cropped my head out of the frame. Trust me, it's best that way.
Last summer, my mother purchased this for me as a gift while on a road trip with one of her sisters. They had traveled to New Jersey for a family reunion, and their trip home to southwestern PA took them through Amish country. I do not think (but I could be wrong? She'll certainly help us out in the comments section, right Mom?) that this apron is Amish-made, but I believe that it came from a gifty-boutique-shop in a tourist-attracting town.

There are no tags to indicate mass manufacture, but I would hardly suspect it regardless. As you can see from this closeup,

the matching patchwork accents on the bib and patch pocket aren't pieced, but folded. I'm a total layman when it comes to patchwork, but I find it fascinating and have a great deal of reverence/awe for those who do the craft well.

My favorite parts of this apron are the accents, the main fabric (vibrant colors, pretty songbirds), and the full coverage. It's not quite a *perfect* fit, but I am starting to think that what I really want/need is a pinafore. If I tie the neck ties short (as pictured), the bib feels just right but the waist is too high and the gathered skirt makes me look pregnant. If I tie the top low, so the waist ties hit at my natural waist, I feel uncovered up-top.

Maybe I need to just wear a robe when I cook. LOL

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