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Monday, April 16, 2012


Apron post will wait until tomorrow. Today, we have a birthday.

Six years ago, April 16th fell on a Sunday. Easter Sunday. The bunny hid the eggs, and then Mom went into labor. I did okay until around 7 AM, when the contractions got me up onto my tippy-toes and I decided it might be a good time to call the midwife and the grandparents. We dragged three (T plus my stepsons...I know I don't mention them much here) very sleepy children out of bed and prodded them to search for their Easter baskets while I did laps around the dining room, pausing every few minutes to moan, then smile at T and crow, "Mommy's okay, honey!!" Baskets got found, grandparents arrived, and we headed off to the hospital.

I had labored long and WAY too hard with T, but C's labor was tolerable. I felt good. I felt empowered. I was going to conquer the snot out of this VBAC! However, we reached a point where the midwife made *that* face. We talked, I bargained, tried, and cried...but in the end, I had a repeat C-section and a very alert and healthy baby. My first memory of him is panicking in the OR..."Why isn't he crying?" One of the nurses smiled and gently replied, "Because he isn't sad!"

My in-laws brought T and his brothers to the hospital the next day to see me and meet C. Poor T! We hadn't prepared him sufficiently for the possibility of Mommy being gone overnight. He sulked quite a bit, and just about broke my heart.

Well, his negative feelings toward Mommy were soon forgotten, and he lit up with joy to meet his new baby brother. <3 They have been friends much more than rivals; inseparable companions with complementary personalities. I couldn't have imagined a better match.

C has filled our lives with adventure. He is full of energy (he sleeps so little I often joke that he's solar-powered) and laughter. He is happy playing alone for long stretches, but thrives on social stimulation too. He is an inventor, and picks up complicated information and skills with ease. His giggle lights up my entire world.

Happy birthday to my dear, sweet six-year-old boy!!

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