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Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Break

So, this is the part where I acknowledge that I haven't blogged in ages and renew my commitment to posting more frequently.

In both the blogoverse and my personal history, this is usually followed by some sort of explanation/apology and maybe even a little musing on *why* I'm blogging anyway (is it purely for myself? do I want to attract a daily readership?) but really, it doesn't matter. Life gets busy. Anecdotes and pictures are a lot more fun. Let's get on with it.

An image-heavy, text-light recap of noteworthy experiences from the past few months:

We went to the Children's Museum for some hands-on fun.

We joined a homeschool playgroup and made some new friends.
J impresses his new lady friend. Oh yeah.

We went to the pool a few times,

and hung out at a few car cruises.

I swear there were actual "classic" cars involved. But come's frickin' BUMBLEBEE!! ;)
T completed another session of fencing (he's now taking a break from the sport).


 I'm so proud of him. He started in November, and by June had been promoted to the intermediate class and showed so much talent and ability. I'm torn on his current status. The truth of the matter is that when he signed up initially, I simply wanted to get him involved in any "activity": to meet people and brave a new experience. Done and done. I watched my wallflower child blossom into an engaged athlete. He became well-liked by both his instructors and his peers. His crippling shyness melted right away. This was a good experience. And he's young. And unlike signing up to play a season of a team sport, the lessons/practice of fencing has no set end-date; no natural break. He was getting burned out. All of that said, I support his decision to sit it out for a while (he's leaving it open-ended).

But the bleachers mother in me is bummed that I'm not still watching his famous surprise lunges and easy laughter with his opponents and just how HARD he worked, and happily. *sigh*

Wait, didn't I promise less text? Right. More pictures. Like of our first vacation in four years!


ohhhhh yeah, the BEACH!

We LOVE the beach!

Yay beach!
 Oh, which beach was it? KittyHawk. So it was an education adventure as well.
No, I swear. The kids were totally into the museum and we've read books about the Wright brothers since our return home. Hooray for history!!
I even managed to squeeze in a few bike rides

and believe it or not, I sewed a few things, too!

His "Ace Ventura" shirt. :)

And that should just about get us caught up. ;) I'll try to blog more soon. I hope your summer is full and happy!!


  1. J is just a boy mini-you, isn't he?

    And I LOVE the Ace Ventura shirt. Sam want me to sew him a Death Eater cloak.

  2. Yeah, I finally managed to produce a kid who looks like me, huh? LOL :)

    Death Eater cloak would rock!