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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Defining Learning

C and I started watching an episode of Modern Marvels earlier, about handmade goods. Yay, together time! Yay, educational!

About 10 minutes into the show, he got up and left. And I felt like, well, that was a failed effort all around.

Until I realized that he had gone to the workshop. Because seeing people work with wood made him want to work with wood.

Okay, that's a reaction I can embrace.

And although I don't have the necessary time to really flesh this out into a good essay (sigh...yes, I know I rarely blog anymore but my toddler is literally crooning MAMAMAMA and fighting for keyboard access as I frantically type this out), I felt the need to note this. Because it's such a good snapshot of the not-school journey: walking that delicate balance between expectation and reality of what learning looks like.

Maybe someday I'll say something coherent about this. Tonight, I'm just geeked that he'd rather DO than just observe.