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Friday, April 12, 2013

In Which I Remember That I Have a Blog

...a poor, lonely, tragically neglected blog.

Eh, so goes life. I am busy to distraction with the kids and frustrated that 90% of the comments section is filled with spam ads for the Fleshlight (seriously? What keyword did I unwittingly drop to target myself for that?) and also, I am mostly just tired. So tired.

Toddlers at nearly-40 are way more exhausting than toddlers at barely-30, yinz guys. When I do get a "free" moment, I usually spend it doing something totally selfish like cooking a meal, trying to stave off the world-devouring clutter, frantically scrambling to cram some data into the heads of my older children, or, you know, pooping alone.

How I do appreciate pooping alone!

I do have productive time; I can recognize that when I'm not complaining about the constant barrage of conflicting demands on my time/attention. True, even my mentally-drafted essays about Big Issues I'm Thinking About don't get fully fleshed out these days (SQUIRREL!) because the rapid-fire nature of my life at the moment doesn't really nurture focus (OMG I literally just had to stop typing to acknowledge the book that J shoved into my face--and I blanked out on the name for polar bear) but there are things that are getting done nevertheless. I've been knitting, which makes me happy, and despite my spotty record with formal lesson-planning, the big boys are learning all sorts of things. And no one is dead or even badly injured, which shows that I am at least doing that much adequately.

Also, I cannot concentrate on reading anymore and have pretty much stopped doing so for my own amusement. I tried to read Game of Thrones but couldn't concentrate so that, alas, will be saved for another day. ;) (and as for nonfiction, just HAHAHAHAHAHA.) I have, however, grown seriously addicted to TV shows on Netflix. I've been getting such a nerdgirl fix lately with Battlestar Galactica and Fringe and Dr. Who. Downton Abbey? Torchwood? Lost Girl? Dollhouse? You're next, my friends...

So, yeah. I'm out here. I have trouble forming complete sentences and suck at time management. But we're okay. We're making it through. Maybe someday I'll tell ya all about it.


  1. See, I can relate, and I don't even have a baby! Though I DO manage to get some reading in- but lately, for the most part, its been to re-read something familiar, because the focus is just BAD.

    And no one tells you about not getting to go to the bathroom alone when you have kids. Its like the dirty little parenting secret. Why the kids can leave DADDY alone in there, and not me, I will truly never understand.

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