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Thursday, October 2, 2014

So, about that field trip...

It turns out that the Internet is angry with the Carnegie Science Center today, because *Sparkly Science*. I won't rehash the controversy here; if you don't know the details, a search will certainly give you an idea.

Why I'm posting is because I meant to do this *yesterday*. Before I saw the image or read the story. See, we went to the Science Center earlier this week, and after a very full day of experiences there, this was my strongest impression.

EVERY staff member who took extra time to interact with, explain things to, or answer questions from my sons (and there were many!) was female. Every. One. I am utterly geeked that this has given them a frame of reference to think of *women* as experts in robotics, electrical engineering, etc.

I'm sad to see the story that's getting viral attention...but I suspect that it may be a matter of enrollment/interest on the part of participants. The Science Center is heavily staffed by knowledgeable and engaging women, and as both a mother of sons and someone who self-identifies as a feminist, I'm encouraged by their visibility as STEM spokespeople.

The woman in this photo is (boy I hope my memory is right on this) Ali. She gave a presentation on voltage & electricity and stuck around afterward to address C's *many* questions and provide advice and suggestions for continuing his own investigations. She was an instant Science Hero, and I'm sure that the impact she made on his life will last far beyond yesterday afternoon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In Which I Feel Guilty* for Not Feeling Guilty

I did it. I had an opportunity this week to leave J at home (Daddy's on staycation) and take a field-trip day (to the Carnegie Science Center) with just T and C, and I did it. I almost felt guilty, because one of the homeschooling moms we met up with had her toddler along. But then we attended a lecture/show, and toured a submarine, and I remember how our outings usually go, with the bigger kids fending for themselves as I spend my time managing or chasing their not-particularly-engaged little brother. No. This was good. I got to actually be part of the experience instead of just delivering them there and being physically nearby but not actually *present*.

And J survived.

*not really. I am totally at peace with this, but there was the potential for guilt early on and besides, it made a catchy title. ;)