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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In Which I Feel Guilty* for Not Feeling Guilty

I did it. I had an opportunity this week to leave J at home (Daddy's on staycation) and take a field-trip day (to the Carnegie Science Center) with just T and C, and I did it. I almost felt guilty, because one of the homeschooling moms we met up with had her toddler along. But then we attended a lecture/show, and toured a submarine, and I remember how our outings usually go, with the bigger kids fending for themselves as I spend my time managing or chasing their not-particularly-engaged little brother. No. This was good. I got to actually be part of the experience instead of just delivering them there and being physically nearby but not actually *present*.

And J survived.

*not really. I am totally at peace with this, but there was the potential for guilt early on and besides, it made a catchy title. ;)

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