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Monday, May 11, 2015

On why I do, and don't, blog

I used to update this blog with relative frequency. Lately, not so much. Because reasons. And although every time I pick it up again, I do this same type of "here is my apologetic (or unapologetic) list of reasons why I haven't been creating content in a while", I'm nevertheless going to do it again. For my own benefit. Because reasons. ;)

But seriously, as a blogger and mother and home educator and writer, this is important to me. So read it, or don't. It's for me.

Why I don't, and shouldn't, blog:
  1. I'm too damn busy living my life to justify so much navel-gazing.
  2. I'm probably the only one reading this anyway.
  3. I'm in a constant state of reassessment and reinvention and sometimes my viewpoints change with experience or observation and former assertions may not reflect the person I am now, which makes me feel hypocritical and neurotic.
  4. It feels a bit exhibitionist, and not a little privacy-invading, to put my children on display for public consumption.
  5. Because, really, what is the point?
Why I do, and should, blog:
  1. Because my life is so busy, the time goes by quickly. Even if all I post is a brief vignette, it's nice to look back and reclaim those moments as memories.
  2. If I'm the only one reading this, so what? I didn't start this blog to be a Name. I started it as a diary. If my musings entertain or inform someone, that's cool. If it's just a convenient (and nicely-formatted) diary, well, I still win.
  3. Yup. People change. And it can be interesting (and informative) to revisit old pre- (or mis-) conceptions in the light of current values and try to figure out why I may have changed, and what that might mean (about myself, my children, the process, whatever).
  4. Yup. I'm putting them out there. But as they get older, I tend to screen more of what is shared and respect their comfort levels. It's a difficult thing to navigate, and I hope that I don't someday regret the way I've handled it.
  5. Because, really, doing this helps me to focus. To articulate things that have been swirling around in my thoughts. To ask myself the questions that need to be answered. To remind myself of things. And, as I tried to remind myself with the blog title, to celebrate--both the journey and my travel companions--every day.

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