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About Me

Keep your eye on this page; it changes. Because I do. ;)

I am a middle-aged woman. I am the mother of three boys who I love beyond description. Our family also includes my husband's sons from his first marriage: one is currently attending the local public high school and one is an adult and out on his own. Oh and we have a dog. And two ducks. And some chickens.

My children are home educated. Our approach is in constant adapt-to-the-needs-of-the-day flux. I prefer to keep us as learner-led as possible, but I do provide instruction and a general structure when necessary. Yes, we use worksheets. No, we don't follow a boxed curriculum. No, I don't judge you if you do things differently. Hell, from one day to the next, *I* do things differently.

We live near Pittsburgh. My husband and I like nature and DIY projects. I love to read and to cook. I enjoy running and biking but don't do either nearly as much as I'd like. And I adore crafting. My primary outlets are sewing and knitting, and I often share my creations here. I enjoy science fiction and British humor and fantasy novels and anyone who can laugh at themselves. I hate wearing makeup, being in crowds, and hostility.

I chose the name of my blog (and the subtitle often printed on the banner) from the lyrics of a Rush song. The original reference was to a midway, but I chose this phrase to represent the joy and nostalgia of small or simple things in general. Sometimes it means "fun on the cheap", but more often it's "joy that was free". It's a reminder to me to enjoy the small blessings in every day.